29 CFR § 784.154 - Relationship to other operations as affecting exemption.

§ 784.154 Relationship to other operations as affecting exemption.

Employment in marketing, storing, distributing, and packing for shipment of the aquatic commodities described in section 13(b)(4) is, as such, exempted from the overtime pay provisions of the Act. This means that the employees actually employed in such operations on the named commodities are within the exemption without regard to the intimacy or remoteness of the relationship between their work and processing operations also performed on the commodities, so long as any prior processing has not rendered the commodity nonperishable (as in the case of a canned product) and therefore removed it from the category of marine products referred to by section 13(b)(4). If the commodity has previously been rendered nonperishable, the marketing, storing, distributing, or packing for shipment of it by an employee can come within the exemption only if the activity is one performed by his employer as an integrated part of a series of the named operations which commenced with operations on the perishable marine products to which section 13(b)(4) refers. Some examples of this situation are given in §§ 784.146 and 784.151.