29 CFR § 794.136 - Employees whose activities may qualify them for exemption.

§ 794.136 Employees whose activities may qualify them for exemption.

The activities for which the section 7(b)(3) partial exemption was intended are discussed generally in §§ 794.103 through 794.104. In accordance with the principles there set forth, those employees employed in an enterprise which qualifies for application of the exemption, who are engaged in the storage and delivery of petroleum products for the enterprise, and those employees whose work is required for the performance of the activities in the wholesale or bulk distribution of the petroleum products or the related activities customarily performed as an incident to or in conjunction with such distribution in the enterprises of the industry which distributes such products, are employees for whom the employer may take the exemption provided they are paid in accordance with the special compensation provisions of section 7(b)(3). Thus, so long as these payment requirements are met, the exemption is applicable not only to such employees as drivers, helpers, loaders, dispatchers, and warehousemen engaged in the bulk delivery and storage of petroleum products, but also to such employees as office, management, and sales personnel, maintenance, custodial, protective personnel, and any others, who engage in related functions customarily carried on by such enterprises in the industry in conjunction with the wholesale and bulk distribution of the petroleum products.