30 CFR 1206.58 - How do I determine a transportation allowance if I have a non-arm's-length transportation contract or have no contract?

§ 1206.58 How do I determine a transportation allowance if I have a non-arm's-length transportation contract or have no contract?

(a)Non-arm's-length or no contract.

(1) If you have a non-arm's-length transportation contract or no contract, including those situations where you or your affiliate perform(s) transportation services for you, the transportation allowance is based on your reasonable, actual costs as provided in this paragraph (a)(1).

(2) You must submit the actual cost information to support the allowance to ONRR on Form ONRR-4110, Oil Transportation Allowance Report, within 3 months after the end of the calendar year to which the allowance applies. However, ONRR may approve a longer time period. ONRR will monitor the allowance deductions to ensure that deductions are reasonable and allowable. When necessary or appropriate, ONRR may require you to modify your actual transportation allowance deduction.

(3) You must base a transportation allowance for non-arm's-length or no-contract situations on your actual costs for transportation during the reporting period, including operating and maintenance expenses, overhead, and either depreciation and a return on undepreciated capital investment under paragraph (a)(3)(iv)(A) of this section, or a cost equal to the initial capital investment in the transportation system multiplied by a rate of return under paragraph (a)(3)(iv)(B) of this section. Allowable capital costs are generally those for depreciable fixed assets (including costs of delivery and installation of capital equipment), which are an integral part of the transportation system.

(i) Allowable operating expenses include: Operations supervision and engineering; operations labor; fuel; utilities; materials; ad valorem property taxes; rent; supplies; and any other directly allocable and attributable operating expense that the lessee can document.

(ii) Allowable maintenance expenses include: Maintenance of the transportation system; maintenance of equipment; maintenance labor; and other directly allocable and attributable maintenance expenses that the lessee can document.

(iii) Overhead directly attributable and allocable to the operation and maintenance of the transportation system is an allowable expense. State and Federal income taxes and severance taxes and other fees, including royalties, are not allowable expenses.

(iv) You may use either depreciation or a return on depreciable capital investment. After you have elected to use either method for a transportation system, you may not later elect to change to the other alternative without approval from ONRR.

(A) To compute depreciation, you may elect to use either a straight-line depreciation method, based on the life of equipment or on the life of the reserves, which the transportation system services, or on a unit-of-production method. After you make an election, you may not change methods without ONRR's approval. A change in ownership of a transportation system will not alter the depreciation schedule the original transporter/lessee established for the purposes of the allowance calculation. With or without a change in ownership, a transportation system can be depreciated only once. You may not depreciate equipment below a reasonable salvage value.

(B) ONRR will allow as a cost an amount equal to the initial capital investment in the transportation system multiplied by the rate of return determined under paragraph (a)(3)(v) of this section. No allowance will be provided for depreciation.

(v) The rate of return is the industrial rate associated with Standard and Poor's BBB rating. The rate of return you must use is the monthly average rate as published in Standard and Poor's Bond Guide for the first month of the reporting period for which the allowance is applicable and is effective during the reporting period. You must redetermine the rate at the beginning of each subsequent transportation allowance reporting period (which is determined under paragraph (b) of this section).


(i) You must determine the deduction for transportation costs based on your or your affiliate's cost of transporting each product through each individual transportation system. Where more than one liquid product is transported, you must allocate costs to each of the liquid products transported in the same proportion as the ratio of the volume of each liquid product (excluding waste products which have no value) to the volume of all liquid products (excluding waste products which have no value) and you must make such allocation in a consistent and equitable manner. Except as provided in this paragraph (a)(4)(i), you may not take an allowance for transporting lease production that is not royalty-bearing without ONRR's approval.

(ii) Notwithstanding the requirements of paragraph (a)(4)(i) of this section, you may propose to ONRR a cost allocation method on the basis of the values of the products transported. ONRR will approve the method unless we determine that it is not consistent with the purposes of the regulations in this part.

(5) Where both gaseous and liquid products are transported through the same transportation system, you must propose a cost allocation procedure to ONRR.

(i) You may use the oil transportation allowance determined in accordance with its proposed allocation procedure until ONRR issues our determination on the acceptability of the cost allocation.

(ii) You must submit to ONRR all available data to support your proposal.

(iii) You must submit your initial proposal within 3 months after the last day of the month for which you request a transportation allowance (unless ONRR approves a longer period).

(iv) ONRR will determine the oil transportation allowance based on your proposal and any additional information that ONRR deems necessary.

(6) You may apply to ONRR for an exception from the requirement that you compute actual costs under paragraphs (a)(1) through (5) of this section.

(i) ONRR will grant the exception only if you have a tariff for the transportation system the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved for Indian leases.

(ii) ONRR will deny the exception request if it determines that the tariff is excessive as compared to arm's-length transportation charges by pipelines, owned by the lessee or others, providing similar transportation services in that area.

(iii) If there are no arm's-length transportation charges, ONRR will deny the exception request if:

(A) No FERC cost analysis exists and the FERC has declined to investigate under ONRR timely objections upon filing.

(B) The tariff significantly exceeds the lessee's actual costs for transportation as determined under this section.

(b)Reporting requirements.

(1) If ONRR requests, you must submit all data used to determine your transportation allowance. You must provide the data within a reasonable period of time that ONRR will determine.

(2) You must report transportation allowances as a separate entry on Form ONRR-2014. ONRR may approve a different reporting procedure on allotted leases and with lessor approval on Tribal leases.

(3) ONRR may require you to submit all of the data that you used to prepare your Form ONRR-4110. You must submit the data within a reasonable period of time that ONRR determines.

(4) ONRR may establish, in appropriate circumstances, reporting requirements that are different from the requirements of this section.

(5) If you are authorized to use your FERC-approved tariff as your transportation cost under paragraph (a)(6) of this section, you must follow the reporting requirements of § 1206.57(b).

(c) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this subpart, for other than arm's-length contracts, no cost will be allowed for oil transportation that results from payments (either volumetric or for value) for actual or theoretical losses. This section does not apply when the transportation allowance is based upon a FERC or State regulatory agency approved tariff.

(d) The provisions of this section will apply to determine transportation costs when establishing value using a netback valuation procedure or any other procedure that requires deduction of transportation costs.

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