30 CFR § 203.87 - What is in an engineering report?

§ 203.87 What is in an engineering report?

This report defines the development plan and capital requirements for the economic evaluation and must contain the following elements.

(a) A description of the development concept (e.g., tension leg platform, fixed platform, floater type, subsea tieback, etc.) which includes:

(1) Its size along with basic design specifications and drawings; and

(2) The construction schedule.

(b) An identification of planned wells which includes:

(1) The number;

(2) The type (platform, subsea, vertical, deviated, horizontal);

(3) The well depth;

(4) The drilling schedule;

(5) The kind of completion (single, dual, horizontal, etc.); and

(6) The completion schedule.

(c) A description of the production system equipment which includes:

(1) The production capacity for oil and gas and a description of limiting component(s);

(2) Any unusual problems (low gravity, paraffin, etc.);

(3) All subsea structures;

(4) All flowlines; and

(5) Schedule for installing the production system.

(d) A discussion of any plans for multi-phase development which includes the conceptual basis for developing in phases and goals or milestones required for starting later phases.

(e) A set of development scenarios consisting of activity timing and scale associated with each of up to three production profiles (conservative, most likely, optimistic) provided in the production report for your field (§ 203.88). Each development scenario and production profile must denote the likely events should the field size turn out to be within a range represented by one of the three segments of the field size distribution. If you send in fewer than three scenarios, you must explain why fewer scenarios are more efficient across the whole field size distribution.