30 CFR § 23.8 - Inspection and tests.

§ 23.8 Inspection and tests.

(a) A thorough inspection of the telephone or signaling device will be made to determine its adequacy and permissibility. Tests may be made to check the electrical characteristics and constants of the various parts, and determine the adequacy of the insulation and other parts of features of the device.

(b) In addition, compartments of explosion-proof design will be tested while filled and surrounded with explosive mixtures containing varying percentages of Pittsburgh natural gas 2 and air, the mixture within the compartment being ignited by a spark plug or other suitable means. For some of the tests bituminous-coal dust will be introduced into the compartment in addition to the explosive mixtures, and the effects will be noted. A sufficient number of tests will be made under the foregoing conditions to determine the ability of the compartment to retain flame without bursting. Even though the surrounding mixtures are not ignited, the compartment will not be considered as having passed the tests, if flames are discharged from any joint or opening; if excessive pressures are developed or if serious distortion of the compartment walls take place.

2 Investigation has shown that for test purposes Pittsburgh natural gas (containing a high percentage of methane) is a satisfactory substitute for pure methane.