30 CFR § 250.711 - What are the requirements for well-control drills?

§ 250.711 What are the requirements for well-control drills?

You must conduct a weekly well-control drill with all personnel engaged in well operations. Your drill must familiarize personnel engaged in well operations with their roles and functions so that they can perform their duties promptly and efficiently as outlined in the well-control plan required by § 250.710.

(a) Timing of drills. You must conduct each drill during a period of activity that minimizes the risk to operations. The timing of your drills must cover a range of different operations, including drilling with a diverter, on-bottom drilling, and tripping. The same drill may not be repeated consecutively with the same crew.

(b) Recordkeeping requirements. For each drill, you must record the following in the daily report:

(1) Date, time, and type of drill conducted;

(2) The amount of time it took to be ready to close the diverter or use each well-control component of BOP system; and

(3) The total time to complete the entire drill.

(c) A BSEE ordered drill. A BSEE representative may require you to conduct a well-control drill during a BSEE inspection. The BSEE representative will consult with your onsite representative before requiring the drill.