30 CFR § 250.714 - Do I have to develop a dropped objects plan?

§ 250.714 Do I have to develop a dropped objects plan?

If you use a floating rig unit in an area with subsea infrastructure, you must develop a dropped objects plan and make it available to BSEE upon request. This plan must be updated as the infrastructure on the seafloor changes. Your plan must include:

(a) A description and plot of the path the rig will take while running and pulling the riser;

(b) A plat showing the location of any subsea wells, production equipment, pipelines, and any other identified debris;

(c) Modeling of a dropped object's path with consideration given to metocean conditions for various material forms, such as a tubular (e.g., riser or casing) and box (e.g., BOP or tree);

(d) Communications, procedures, and delegated authorities established with the production host facility to shut-in any active subsea wells, equipment, or pipelines in the event of a dropped object; and

(e) Any additional information required by the District Manager as appropriate to clarify, update, or evaluate your dropped objects plan.