30 CFR § 250.801 - Safety and pollution prevention equipment (SPPE) certification.

§ 250.801 Safety and pollution prevention equipment (SPPE) certification.

(a) SPPE equipment. You must install only safety and pollution prevention equipment (SPPE) considered certified under paragraph (b) of this section or accepted under paragraph (c) of this section. BSEE considers the following equipment to be types of SPPE:

(1) Surface safety valves (SSV) and actuators, including those installed on injection wells capable of natural flow;

(2) Boarding shutdown valves (BSDV) and their actuators. For subsea wells, the BSDV is the surface equivalent of an SSV on a surface well;

(3) Underwater safety valves (USV) and actuators;

(4) Subsurface safety valves (SSSV) and associated safety valve locks and landing nipples; and

(5) Gas lift shutdown valves (GLSDV) and their actuators associated with subsea systems.

(b) Certification of SPPE. SPPE that is manufactured and marked pursuant to ANSI/API Spec. Q1 (incorporated by reference as specified in § 250.198), is considered as certified SPPE under this part. All other SPPE is considered as not certified, unless approved in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Accepting SPPE manufactured under other quality assurance programs. BSEE may exercise its discretion to accept SPPE manufactured under a quality assurance program other than ANSI/API Spec. Q1, provided that the alternative quality assurance program is verified as equivalent to API Spec. Q1 by an appropriately qualified entity and that the operator submits a request to BSEE containing relevant information about the alternative program and receives BSEE approval. In addition, an operator may request that BSEE accept SPPE that is marked with a third-party certification mark other than the API monogram. All requests under this paragraph should be submitted to the Chief, Office of Offshore Regulatory Programs; Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement; VAE-ORP; 45600 Woodland Road, Sterling, VA 20166.

[81 FR 60918, Sept. 7, 2016, as amended at 83 FR 49256, Sept. 28, 2018]