30 CFR § 250.903 - What records must I keep?

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§ 250.903 What records must I keep?

(a) You must compile, retain, and make available to BSEE representatives for the functional life of all platforms:

(1) The as-built drawings;

(2) The design assumptions and analyses;

(3) A summary of the fabrication and installation nondestructive examination records;

(4) The inspection results from the inspections required by § 250.919 of this subpart; and

(5) Records of repairs not covered in the inspection report submitted under § 250.919(b).

(b) You must record and retain the original material test results of all primary structural materials during all stages of construction. Primary material is material that, should it fail, would lead to a significant reduction in platform safety, structural reliability, or operating capabilities. Items such as steel brackets, deck stiffeners and secondary braces or beams would not generally be considered primary structural members (or materials).

(c) You must provide BSEE with the location of these records in the certification statement of your application for platform approval as required in § 250.905(j).