30 CFR § 250.916 - What are the CVA's primary duties during the design phase?

§ 250.916 What are the CVA's primary duties during the design phase?

(a) The CVA must use good engineering judgment and practices in conducting an independent assessment of the design of the platform, major modification, or repair. The CVA must ensure that the platform, major modification, or repair is designed to withstand the environmental and functional load conditions appropriate for the intended service life at the proposed location.

(b) Primary duties of the CVA during the design phase include the following:

Type of facility . . . The CVA must . . .
(1) For fixed platforms and non-ship-shaped floating facilities, Conduct an independent assessment of all proposed:
(i) Planning criteria;
(ii) Operational requirements;
(iii) Environmental loading data;
(iv) Load determinations;
(v) Stress analyses;
(vi) Material designations;
(vii) Soil and foundation conditions;
(viii) Safety factors; and
(ix) Other pertinent parameters of the proposed design.
(2) For all floating facilities, Ensure that the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard for structural integrity and stability, e.g., verification of center of gravity, etc., have been met. The CVA must also consider:
(i) Drilling, production, and pipeline risers, and riser tensioning systems;
(ii) Turrets and turret-and-hull interfaces;
(iii) Foundations, foundation pilings and templates, and anchoring systems; and
(iv) Mooring or tethering systems.

(c) The CVA must submit interim reports and a final report to the Regional Supervisor, and to you, during the design phase in accordance with the approved schedule required by § 250.911(d). In each interim and final report the CVA must:

(1) Provide a summary of the material reviewed and the CVA's findings;

(2) In the final CVA report, make a recommendation that the Regional Supervisor either accept, request modifications, or reject the proposed design unless such a recommendation has been previously made in an interim report;

(3) Describe the particulars of how, by whom, and when the independent review was conducted; and

(4) Provide any additional comments the CVA deems necessary.