30 CFR 253.30 - How can I use an indemnity as OSFR evidence?

§ 253.30 How can I use an indemnity as OSFR evidence?
(a) You may use only one indemnity issued by only one indemnitor to satisfy all or part of your obligation to demonstrate OSFR.
(b) Your indemnitor must be your corporate parent or affiliate.
(c) Your indemnitor must complete a Form MMS-1018 and provide an indemnity that:
(1) Includes all the information required by § 253.41; and
(2) Does not exceed the amounts calculated using the net worth or unencumbered assets tests specified under §§ 253.21 through 253.28.
(d) You must submit your application to renew OSFR using an indemnity by the first calendar day of the 5th month after the close of your indemnitor's fiscal year. You may submit to MMS your initial application to demonstrate OSFR using an indemnity at any time.
(e) Your indemnitor must identify a U.S. agent for service of process.
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