30 CFR 253.50 - How can MMS refuse or invalidate my OSFR evidence?

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§ 253.50 How can MMS refuse or invalidate my OSFR evidence?
(a) If MMS determines that any OSFR evidence you submit fails to comply with the requirements of this part, we may not accept it. If we do not accept your OSFR evidence, then we will send you a written notification stating:
(1) That your evidence is not acceptable;
(2) Why your evidence is unacceptable; and
(3) The amount of time you are allowed to submit acceptable evidence without being subject to civil penalty under § 253.51.
(b) MMS may immediately and without prior notice invalidate your OSFR demonstration if you:
(1) Are no longer eligible to be the designated applicant for a COF included in your demonstration; or
(2) Permit the cancellation or termination of the insurance policy, surety bond, or indemnity upon which the continued validity of the demonstration is based.
(c) If MMS determines you are not complying with the requirements of this part for any reason other than paragraph (b) of this section, we will notify you of our intent to invalidate your OSFR demonstration and specify the corrective action needed. Unless you take the corrective action MMS specifies within 15 calendar days from the date you receive such a notice, we will invalidate your OSFR demonstration.
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