30 CFR § 57.3203 - Rock fixtures.

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§ 57.3203 Rock fixtures.

(a) For rock bolts and accessories addressed in ASTM F432-95, “Standard Specification for Roof and Rock Bolts and Accessories,” the mine operator shall -

(1) Obtain a manufacturer's certification that the material was manufactured and tested in accordance with the specifications of ASTM F432-95; and

(2) Make this certification available to an authorized representative of the Secretary and to the representative of miners.

(b) Fixtures and accessories not addressed in ASTM F432-95 may be used for ground support provided they -

(1) Have been successful in supporting the ground in an area with similar strata, opening dimensions and ground stresses in any mine; or

(2) Have been tested and shown to be effective in supporting ground in an area of the affected mine which has similar strata, opening dimensions, and ground stresses as the area where the fixtures are expected to be used. During the test process, access to the test area shall be limited to persons necessary to conduct the test.

(c) Bearing plates shall be used with fixtures when necessary for effective ground support.

(d) The diameter of finishing bits shall be within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.030 inch of the manufacturer's recommended hole diameter for the anchor used. When separate finishing bits are used, they shall be distinguishable from other bits.

(e) Damaged or deteriorated cartridges of grouting material shall not be used.

(f) When rock bolts tensioned by torquing are used as a means of ground support,

(1) Selected tension level shall be -

(i) At least 50 percent of either the yield point of the bolt or anchorage capacity of the rock, whichever is less; and

(ii) No greater than the yield point of the bolt or anchorage capacity of the rock.

(2) The torque of the first bolt, every tenth bolt, and the last bolt installed in each work area during the shift shall be accurately determined immediately after installation. If the torque of any fixture tested does not fall within the installation torque range, corrective action shall be taken.

(g) When grouted fixtures can be tested by applying torque, the first fixture installed in each work place shall be tested to withstand 150 foot-pounds of torque. Should it rotate in the hole, a second fixture shall be tested in the same manner. If the second fixture also turns, corrective action shall be taken.

(h) When other tensioned and nontensioned fixtures are used, test methods shall be established and used to verify their effectiveness.

(i) The mine operator shall certify that tests were conducted and make the certification available to an authorized representative of the Secretary.

[51 FR 36198, Oct. 8, 1986, as amended at 51 FR 36804, Oct. 16, 1986; 63 FR 20030, Apr. 22, 1998]

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