30 CFR § 582.25 - Plan modification.

§ 582.25 Plan modification.

Approved Delineation, Testing, and Mining Plans may be modified upon the Director's approval of the changes proposed. When circumstances warrant, the Director may direct the lessee to modify an approved plan to adjust to changed conditions. If the lessee requests the change, the lessee shall submit a detailed, written statement of the proposed modifications, potential impacts, and the justification for the proposed changes. Revision of an approved plan whether initiated by the lessee or ordered by the Director shall be submitted to the Director for approval. When the Director determines that a proposed revision could result in significant change in the impacts previously identified and evaluated or requires additional permits, the proposed plan revision shall be subject to the applicable review and approval procedures of §§ 582.21, 582.22, 582.23, and 582.24 of this part.

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