30 CFR 700.1 - Scope.

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§ 700.1 Scope.

The regulations in chapter VII of 30 CFR, consisting of parts 700 through 899, establish the procedures through which the Secretary of the Interior will implement the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 ( Pub. L. 95-87, 91 Stat. 445 ( 30 U.S.C. 1201et. seq.)). Chapter VII is divided into 13 subchapters.

(a) Subchapter A contains introductory information intended to serve as a guide to the rest of the chapter and to the regulatory requirements and definitions generally applicable to the programs and persons covered by the Act.

(b) Subchapter B contains regulations covering the initial regulatory program which apply before the applicability of permanent program regulations to persons conducting surface coal mining and reclamation operations and other persons covered by the Act.

(c) Subchapter C sets forth regulations covering applications for and decisions on permanent State programs; the process to be followed for substituting a Federal program for an approved State program, if necessary; the process for assuming temporary Federal enforcement of an approved State program; and the process for implementing a Federal program in a State when required by the Act.

(d) Subchapter D of this chapter identifies the procedures that apply to surface coal mining and reclamation operations conducted on Federal lands rather than State or private lands and incorporates by reference the requirements of the applicable regulatory program and the inspection and enforcement requirements of subchapter L of this chapter.

(e) Subchapter E of this chapter contains regulations that apply to surface coal mining and reclamation operations conducted on Indian lands.


(1) Subchapter F implements the requirements of the Act for -

(i) Designating lands which are unsuitable for all or certain types of surface coal mining operations;

(ii) Terminating designations no longer found to be appropriate; and

(iii) Prohibiting surface coal mining and reclamation operations on those lands or areas where the Act states that surface coal mining operations should not be permitted or should be permitted only after specified determinations are made.

(2) Subchapter F does not include regulations governing designation of areas unsuitable for noncoal mining under the terms of section 601 of the Act or the designation of Federal lands under the Federal lands review provisions of section 522(b) of the Act. The Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior is responsible for these provisions which will be implemented when promulgated by regulations in title 43 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

(g) Subchapter G governs applications for and decisions on permits for surface coal mining and reclamation operations on non-Indian and non-Federal lands under a State or Federal program. It also governs coal exploration and permit application and decisions on permits for special categories of coal mining on non-Indian and non-Federal lands under a State or Federal program. Regulations implementing the experimental practices provision of the Act are also included in subchapter G.

(h) Subchapter J sets forth requirements for performance bonds and public liability insurance for both surface mining and underground mining activities.

(i) Subchapter K sets forth the environmental and other performance standards which apply to coal exploration and to surface coal mining and reclamation operations during the permanent regulatory program. The regulations establish the minimum requirements for operations under State and Federal programs. Performance standards applicable to special mining situations such as anthracite mines, steep slope mining, alluvial valley floors, and prime farmlands are included.

(j) Subchapter L sets forth the inspection, enforcement, and civil penalty provisions that apply to a State, Federal, or Federal lands program.

(k) Subchapter M sets forth the requirements for the training, examination, and certification of blasters.

(l) Subchapter P sets forth the provisions for protection of employees who initiate proceedings under the Act or testify in any proceedings resulting from the administration or enforcement of the Act.

(m) Subchapter R sets forth the regulations for the abandoned mine land reclamation program. These regulations include the fee collection requirements and the mechanisms for implementing the State and Federal portions of the abandoned mine land reclamation program.

(n) Subchapter S sets forth the regulations that apply to grants for mining and mineral research institutes and grants for mineral research projects.

[ 44 FR 15313, Mar. 13, 1979, as amended at 48 FR 6934, Feb. 16, 1983; 49 FR 38477, Sept. 28, 1984]

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