30 CFR 717.11 - General obligations.

§ 717.11 General obligations.

(a)Compliance. All underground coal mining and associated reclamation operations conducted on lands where any element of the operations is regulated by a State shall comply with the initial performance standards of this part according to the time schedule specified in § 710.11.

(1) For the purposes of this part, underground coal mining and associated reclamation operations mean a combination of surface operations and underground operations. Surface operations include construction, use, and reclamation of new and existing access and haul roads, aboveground repair areas, storage areas, processing areas, shipping areas, and areas upon which are sited support facilities including hoist and ventilating ducts, and on which materials incident to underground mining operations are placed. Underground operations include underground construction, operation, and reclamation of shafts, adits, underground support facilities, underground mining, hauling, storage, and blasting.

(2) For the purpose of this part the term permittee means the person permitted to conduct underground mining operations by a State or if no permit is issued in the State, the person operating a mine.

(3) For the purpose of this part, Disturbed areas means surface work areas and lands affected by surface operations including, but not limited to, roads, mine entry excavations, above ground (surface) work areas, such as tipples, coal processing facilities and other operating facilities, waste work and spoil disposal areas, and mine waste impoundments or embankments.

(4) Where State environmental protection standards are adopted for a specific State because they are more stringent than the standards of this part, they will be published in part 718 of this chapter.

(b)Authorizations to operate. A copy of all current permits, licenses, approved plans or other authorizations to operate the mine shall be available for inspection at or near the mine site.