30 CFR § 75.1720 - Protective clothing; requirements.

§ 75.1720 Protective clothing; requirements.

On and after the effective date of this § 75.1720 each miner regularly employed in the active workings of an underground coal mine shall be required to wear the following protective clothing and devices:

(a) Protective clothing or equipment and face-shields or goggles when welding, cutting, or working with molten metal or when other hazards to the eyes exist from flying particles.

(b) Suitable protective clothing to cover those parts of the body exposed to injury when handling corrosive or toxic substances or other materials which might cause injury to the skin.

(c) Protective gloves when handling materials or performing work which might cause injury to the hands; however, gloves shall not be worn where they would create a greater hazard by becoming entangled in the moving parts of equipment.

(d) A suitable hard hat or hard cap. If a hard hat or hard cap is painted, nonmetallic based paint shall be used.

(e) Suitable protective footwear.

[36 FR 19497, Oct. 7, 1971, as amended at 39 FR 7175, Feb. 25, 1974]