30 CFR § 750.11 - Permits.

§ 750.11 Permits.

(a) No person shall conduct surface coal mining operations on Indian lands after eight months following the effective date of this subchapter unless that person has first obtained a permit pursuant to this part.

(b) Any person conducting surface coal mining and reclamation operations on lands subject to this part shall comply with the terms and conditions of the permit, the requirements of this subchapter, and the Act.

(c) Surface coal mining operations authorized prior to the effective date of this subchapter may be conducted beyond the eight-month period specified in paragraph (a) of this section if the following conditions are present:

(1) An application for a permit to conduct those operations under this part has been made within two months of the implementation of the Federal program for Indian lands;

(2) OSM has not yet rendered an initial administrative decision approving or disapproving the permit application; and

(3) Those operations are conducted in compliance with all terms and conditions of the lease or minerals agreement, the existing authorization to mine, the requirements of the Act, and the requirements of 25 CFR Chapter I.

(d) Whenever surface coal mining and reclamation operations are proposed to include both Indian lands and non-Indian lands, OSM will use reasonable efforts to ensure that reviews of the permit applications will be conducted cooperatively and concurrently by OSM and the regulatory authority responsible for the non-Indian lands.

[49 FR 38477, Sept. 28, 1984, as amended at 54 FR 13822, Apr. 5, 1989]