30 CFR § 77.205 - Travelways at surface installations.

§ 77.205 Travelways at surface installations.

(a) Safe means of access shall be provided and maintained to all working places.

(b) Travelways and platforms or other means of access to areas where persons are required to travel or work, shall be kept clear of all extraneous material and other stumbling or slipping hazards.

(c) Inclined travelways shall be constructed of nonskid material or equipped with cleats.

(d) Regularly used travelways shall be sanded, salted, or cleared of snow and ice as soon as practicable.

(e) Crossovers, elevated walkways, elevated ramps, and stairways shall be of substantial construction, provided with handrails, and maintained in good condition. Where necessary toeboards shall be provided.

(f) Crossovers shall be provided where it is necessary to cross conveyors.

(g) Moving conveyors shall be crossed only at designated crossover points.