30 CFR § 780.11 - Operation plan: General requirements.

§ 780.11 Operation plan: General requirements.

Each application shall contain a description of the mining operations proposed to be conducted during the life of the mine within the proposed permit area, including, at a minimum, the following:

(a) A narrative description of the type and method of coal mining procedures and proposed engineering techniques, anticipated annual and total production of coal, by tonnage, and the major equipment to be used for all aspects of those operations; and

(b) A narrative explaining the construction, modification, use, maintenance, and removal of the following facilities (unless retention of such facilities is necessary for postmining land use as specified in § 816.133):

(1) Dams, embankments, and other impoundments;

(2) Overburden and topsoil handling and storage areas and structures;

(3) Coal removal, handling, storage, cleaning, and transportation areas and structures;

(4) Spoil, coal processing waste, and non-coal waste removal, handling, storage, transportation, and disposal areas and structures;

(5) Mine facilities; and

(6) Water and air pollution control facilities.

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