30 CFR § 795.9 - Program services and data requirements.

§ 795.9 Program services and data requirements.

(a) To the extent possible with available funds, the program administrator shall select and pay a qualified laboratory to make the determination and statement and provide other services referenced in paragraph (b) of this section for eligible operators who request assistance.

(b) The program administrator shall determine the data needed for each applicant or group of applicants. Data collected and the results provided to the program administrator shall be sufficient to satisfy the requirements for:

(1) The determination of the probable hydrologic consequences of the surface mining and reclamation operation in the proposed permit area and adjacent areas, including the engineering analyses and designs necessary for the determination in accordance with §§ 780.21(f), 784.14(e), and any other applicable provisions of this chapter;

(2) The drilling and statement of the results of test borings or core samplings for the proposed permit area in accordance with §§ 780.22(b) and 784.22(b) and any other applicable provisions of this chapter;

(3) The development of cross-section maps and plans required by §§ 779.25 and 783.25;

(4) The collection of archaeological and historic information and related plans required by §§ 779.12(b) and 783.12(b) and §§ 780.31 and 784.17 and any other archaeological and historic information required by the regulatory authority;

(5) Pre-blast surveys required by § 780.13; and

(6) The collection of site-specific resources information, the production of protection and enhancement plans for fish and wildlife habitats required by §§ 780.16 and 784.21, and information and plans for any other environmental values required by the regulatory authority under the act.

(c) Data collection and analysis may proceed concurrently with the development of mining and reclamation plans by the operator.

(d) Data collected under this program shall be made publicly available in accordance with § 773.6(d) of this chapter. The program administrator shall develop procedures for interstate coordination and exchange of data.

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