30 CFR § 800.11 - Requirement to file a bond.

§ 800.11 Requirement to file a bond.

(a) After a permit application under subchapter G of this chapter has been approved, but before a permit is issued, the applicant shall file with the regulatory authority, on a form prescribed and furnished by the regulatory authority, a bond or bonds for performance made payable to the regulatory authority and conditioned upon the faithful performance of all the requirements of the Act, the regulatory program, the permit, and the reclamation plan.


(1) The bond or bonds shall cover the entire permit area, or an identified increment of land within the permit area upon which the operator will initiate and conduct surface coal mining and reclamation operations during the initial term of the permit.

(2) As surface coal mining and reclamation operations on succeeding increments are initiated and conducted within the permit area, the permittee shall file with the regulatory authority an additional bond or bonds to cover such increments in accordance with this section.

(3) The operator shall identify the initial and successive areas or increments for bonding on the permit application map submitted for approval as provided in the application (under parts 780 and 784 of this chapter), and shall specify the bond amount to be provided for each area or increment.

(4) Independent increments shall be of sufficient size and configuration to provide for efficient reclamation operations should reclamation by the regulatory authority become necessary pursuant to § 800.50.

(c) An operator shall not disturb any surface areas, succeeding increments, or extend any underground shafts, tunnels or operations prior to acceptance by the regulatory authority of the required performance bond.

(d) The applicant shall file, with the approval of the regulatory authority, a bond or bonds under one of the following schemes to cover the bond amounts for the permit area as determined in accordance with § 800.14:

(1) A performance bond or bonds for the entire permit area;

(2) A cumulative bond schedule and the performance bond required for full reclamation of the initial area to be disturbed; or

(3) An incremental bond schedule and the performance bond required for the first increment in the schedule.

(e) OSM may approve, as part of a State or Federal program, an alternative bonding system, if it will achieve the following objectives and purposes of the bonding program:

(1) The alternative must assure that the regulatory authority will have available sufficient money to complete the reclamation plan for any areas which may be in default at any time; and

(2) The alternative must provide a substantial economic incentive for the permittee to comply with all reclamation provisions.

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