30 CFR § 845.17 - Procedures for assessment of civil penalties.

§ 845.17 Procedures for assessment of civil penalties.

(a) Within 15 days of service of a notice or order, the person to whom it was issued may submit written information about the violation to the Office and to the inspector who issued the notice of violation or cessation order. The Office shall consider any information so submitted in determining the facts surrounding the violation and the amount of the penalty.

(b) The Office shall serve a copy of the proposed assessment and of the work sheet showing the computation of the proposed assessment on the person to whom the notice or order was issued, by certified mail, or by any alternative means consistent with the rules governing service of a summons or complaint under rule 4 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, within 30 days of the issuance of the notice or order.

(1) If a copy of the proposed assessment and work sheet or the certified mail is tendered at the address of that person required under 30 CFR 816.11, or at any address at which that person is in fact located, and he or she refuses to accept delivery of or to collect such documents, the requirements of this paragraph shall be deemed to have been complied with upon such tender.

(2) Failure by the Office to serve any proposed assessment within 30 days shall not be grounds for dismissal of all or part of such assessment unless the person against whom the proposed penalty has been assessed -

(i) Proves actual prejudice as a result of the delay; and,

(ii) Makes a timely objection to the delay. An objection shall be timely only if made in the normal course of administrative review.

(c) Unless a conference has been requested, the Office shall review and reassess any penalty if necessary to consider facts which were not reasonably available on the date of issuance of the proposed assessment because of the length of the abatement period. The Office shall serve a copy of any such reassessment and of the worksheet showing the computation of the reassessment in the manner provided in paragraph (b), within 30 days after the date the violation is abated.

[47 FR 35640, Aug. 16, 1982, as amended at 56 FR 28446, June 20, 1991]