30 CFR § 865.15 - Formal adjudicatory proceedings.

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§ 865.15 Formal adjudicatory proceedings.

(a) Formal adjudication of a complaint filed under this part shall be conducted in the Office of Hearings and Appeals under 43 CFR part 4.

(b) A hearing shall be held as promptly as possible consistent with the opportunity for discovery provided for under 43 CFR part 4.

(c) Upon a finding of violation of § 865.11 of this part, the Secretary shall order the appropriate affirmative relief including, but not limited to, the rehiring or reinstatement of the employee or representative of employees to his former position with compensation. At the request of the employee a sum equal to the aggregate amount of all costs and expenses including attorneys' fees which have been reasonably incurred by the employee for, or in connection with, the institution and prosecution of the proceedings shall be assessed against the person committing the violation.

(d) On or after 10 days after filing an application for review under this part the Secretary or the employee may seek temporary relief in the Office of Hearings and Appeals under 43 CFR part 4.