30 CFR § 903.772 - Requirements for coal exploration.

§ 903.772 Requirements for coal exploration.

(a) Part 772 of this chapter, Requirements for Coal Exploration, applies to any person who conducts coal exploration. For those applications where § 772.12 of this chapter applies, the requirements of paragraphs (b) through (d) of this section shall apply in place of § 772.12(c) (1) and (3) and § 772.12(d)(1) of this chapter.

(b) The applicant, upon receipt of notification from the regulatory authority of the submission of an administratively complete application for an exploration permit, must:

(1) Publish one public notice of the filing in a newspaper of general circulation in the county of the proposed exploration area; and

(2) Provide proof of this publication to the regulatory authority within one week of publication.

(c) Any person having an interest which is or may be adversely affected, shall have the right to file written comments within 30 days after the notice is published.

(d) The regulatory authority shall act upon an administratively complete application for a coal exploration permit and any written comments within 15 days from the close of the comment period unless additional time is necessary due to the number or complexity of the issues. The regulatory authority may approve a coal exploration permit only if based upon a complete and accurate application.