30 CFR Subpart B - OCS Oil, Gas, and Sulfur General

  1. Royalty Relief for Pre-Act Deep Water Leases and for Development and Expansion Projects (§§ 203.60 - 203.80)
    1. § 203.60 Who may apply for royalty relief on a case-by-case basis in deep water in the Gulf of Mexico or offshore of Alaska?
    2. § 203.61 How do I assess my chances for getting relief?
    3. § 203.62 How do I apply for relief?
    4. § 203.63 Does my application have to include all leases in the field?
    5. § 203.64 How many applications may I file on a field or a development project?
    6. § 203.65 How long will BSEE take to evaluate my application?
    7. § 203.66 What happens if BSEE does not act in the time allowed?
    8. § 203.67 What economic criteria must I meet to get royalty relief on an authorized field or project?
    9. § 203.68 What pre-application costs will BSEE consider in determining economic viability?
    10. § 203.69 If my application is approved, what royalty relief will I receive?
    11. § 203.70 What information must I provide after BSEE approves relief?
    12. § 203.71 How does BSEE allocate a field's suspension volume between my lease and other leases on my field?
    13. § 203.72 Can my lease receive more than one suspension volume?
    14. § 203.73 How do suspension volumes apply to natural gas?
    15. § 203.74 When will BSEE reconsider its determination?
    16. § 203.75 What risk do I run if I request a redetermination?
    17. § 203.76 When might BSEE withdraw or reduce the approved size of my relief?
    18. § 203.77 May I voluntarily give up relief if conditions change?
    19. § 203.78 Do I keep relief approved by BSEE under this part for my lease, unit or project if prices rise significantly?
    20. § 203.79 How do I appeal BSEE's decisions related to royalty relief for a deepwater lease or a development or expansion project?
    21. § 203.80 When can I get royalty relief if I am not eligible for royalty relief under other sections in the subpart?