31 CFR § 1010.930 - Rewards for informants.

§ 1010.930 Rewards for informants.

(a) If an individual provides original information which leads to a recovery of a criminal fine, civil penalty, or forfeiture, which exceeds $50,000, for a violation of the provisions of the Bank Secrecy Act or of this chapter, the Secretary may pay a reward to that individual.

(b) The Secretary shall determine the amount of the reward to be paid under this section; however, any reward paid may not be more than 25 percent of the net amount of the fine, penalty or forfeiture collected, or $150,000, whichever is less.

(c) An officer or employee of the United States, a State, or a local government who provides original information described in paragraph (a) in the performance of official duties is not eligible for a reward under this section.