31 CFR § 19.75 - Do terms in this part have special meanings?

§ 19.75 Do terms in this part have special meanings?

This part uses terms throughout the text that have special meaning. Those terms are defined in subpart I of this part. For example, three important terms are -

(a) Exclusion or excluded, which refers only to discretionary actions taken by a suspending or debarring official under this part or the Federal Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR part 9, subpart 9.4);

(b) Disqualification or disqualified, which refers to prohibitions under specific statutes, executive orders (other than Executive Order 12549 and Executive Order 12689), or other authorities. Disqualifications frequently are not subject to the discretion of an agency official, may have a different scope than exclusions, or have special conditions that apply to the disqualification; and

(c) Ineligibility or ineligible, which generally refers to a person who is either excluded or disqualified.