31 CFR § 29.524 - Financial hardship.

§ 29.524 Financial hardship.

Financial hardship may be deemed to exist when the debtor needs substantially all of his or her current and anticipated income and liquid assets to meet current and anticipated ordinary and necessary living expenses during the projected period of collection. Financial hardship will not be found to exist when the debtor merely establishes that the repayment causes a financial burden, i.e., when it is inconvenient to repay the debt. If there are anticipated changes in income or expenses that would allow for the recovery of the overpayment at a later date, the Department may suspend collection action until a future date.

(a) Considerations. Pertinent considerations in determining whether recovery would cause financial hardship include the following:

(1) The debtor's financial ability to pay at the time collection is scheduled to be made, and

(2) Income to other family member(s), if such member's ordinary and necessary living expenses are included in expenses reported by the debtor.