31 CFR § 315.65 - Reissue.

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§ 315.65 Reissue.

A bond on which a minor or other person under legal disability is named as the owner or coowner, or in which he or she has an interest, may be reissued under the following conditions:

(a) A minor for whose estate no representative has been appointed may request reissue if the minor is of sufficient competency to sign his or her name to the request and to understand the nature of the transaction.

(b) A bond on which a minor is named as beneficiary or coowner may be reissued in the name of a custodian for the minor under a statute authorizing gifts to minors upon the request of the adult whose name appears on the bond as owner or coowner.

(c) A minor coowner for whose estate no representative has been appointed, may be named sole owner upon the request of the competent coowner.

(d) Reissue to eliminate the name of a minor or incompetent for whose estate a legal representative has been appointed is permitted only if supported by evidence that a court has authorized the representative of the minor's or incompetent's estate to request the reissue. See § 315.23.

Except to the extent provided in paragraphs (a) through (d), of this section, reissue will be restricted to a form of registration which does not adversely affect the existing ownership or interest of a minor who is not of sufficient understanding to make a request, or other person under legal disability. Requests for reissue should be executed by the person authorized to request payment under §§ 315.60 and 315.63, or the person who may request recognition as voluntary guardian under § 315.64.
[45 FR 64091, Sept. 26, 1980. Redesignated at 57 FR 39602, Sept. 1, 1992]