31 CFR § 342.2 - Description of notes.

§ 342.2 Description of notes.

(a) General. Savings notes were issued only in registered form and are nontransferable.

(b) Term. A savings note was dated as of the first day of the month in which payment of the purchase price was received by an issuing agent. A note had an original maturity period of 4 years and 6 months and has been granted two 10-year extensions of maturity and an additional extension of 5 years and 6 months with interest; it will reach final maturity 30 years from its issue date. A note cannot be called by the Secretary of the Treasury prior to maturity and was not redeemable during the first year from issue date. Thereafter, a note may be redeemed at the option and request of the owner.

(c) Denominations and purchase prices. Savings notes were issued on a discount basis. The denominations and purchase prices were as follows:

Denomination Purchase price
$25 $20.25
50 40.50
75 60.75
100 81.00
Interest is paid as a part of the redemption value. A note increased in value one year after issue date and increases at the beginning of each half-year period thereafter until final maturity, at which time interest ceases to accrue. Interest on a note which is redeemed before maturity ceases to accrue at the end of the interest period next preceding the redemption date, except that if the note is redeemed on a date on which the redemption value increases, interest ceases to accrue on that date.

(d) Inscription and issue. At the time of issue, the authorized issuing agent:

(1) Inscribed on the face of each note the name and address of the owner and the name of the beneficiary, if any, or the names of the coowner;

(2) Entered the issue date in the right-hand portion of the note in the space provided for that purpose; and

(3) Imprinted thereunder, by use of the agent's validation indicia for the issue of Series E savings bonds, the date the note was actually inscribed. A note is valid only if an authorized issuing agent received payment therefor and duly inscribed, dated, imprinted validation indicia on the note and delivered it.