31 CFR § 342.4 - Purchase - registration.

§ 342.4 Purchase - registration.

(a) Purchase. Savings notes, in combination with Series E bonds, could be purchased from any authorized issuing agent, a Federal Reserve Bank or Branch, or the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Payment for the notes could be made in the same manner as payment for Series E savings bonds. Issuing agents delivered the notes at the time of purchase, or by mail at the risk and expense of the United States, but only within the United States, its territories and possessions and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. No mail deliveries elsewhere were made.

(b) Registration. The following restrictions applied to original issues of savings notes:

(1) They were limited to registration in the name of a natural person (whether adult or minor), alone, or with another natural person as coowner or beneficiary, and

(2) They had to be identical in registration to the Series E bond purchased in combination therewith.