31 CFR § 343.4 - Reissue.

§ 343.4 Reissue.

(a) General. Reissue of a tax and loss bond may be made only under the conditions specified in this paragraph. A request for reissue must be made by an officer of the beneficial owner who is authorized to assign the bond for redemption. The request must be submitted to the Division of Special Investments. A bond will only be reissued in book-entry form and will bear the same issue date and maturity as the original bond.

(b) Correction of error. The reissue of a bond may be made to correct an error in the original issue upon an appropriate request, supported by satisfactory proof of the error.

(c) Change of name. An owner whose name is changed in any legal manner after the issue of the bond should submit the bond with a request for reissue, substituting the new name for the name inscribed on the bond. The signature on the request for reissue should show the new name, the legal reason which caused the change to be made and the former name. It must be supported by satisfactory proof of the change of name.

(d) Legal succession. A bond registered in the name of a company which has been succeeded by another company as the result of a merger, consolidation, incorporation, reincorporation, conversion, reorganization, or which has been lawfully succeeded in any manner whereby the business or activities of the original organization are continued without substantial change, will be paid to or reissued in the name of the successor upon an appropriate request on its behalf, supported by satisfactory evidence of successorship.

(e) Conversion to book-entry. Although not required, any owner of tax and loss bonds held in registered form after the effective date of this regulation, may submit those bonds to the Division of Special Investments, for conversion to book-entry form.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1535-0127)

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