31 CFR § 357.26 - Direct Deposit.

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§ 357.26 Direct Deposit.

(a) General. A payment by the Department with respect to a security shall be by direct deposit unless it is deemed necessary by the Department to make payment by another means. Direct Deposit payments are governed by the regulations at 31 CFR part 370.

(b) Names on account. Where the Legacy Treasury Direct ® securities account is in the name of individual(s) in their own right, and the deposit account at the financial institution is in the name of individual(s) in their own right, the two accounts must contain at least one name that is common to both.

(c) Inquiry to financial institution. Where the deposit account to which payments are to be directed is held in the name of the financial institution itself acting as sole trustee, or as co-trustee, or is in the name of a commercially-managed investment fund, particular inquiry should first be made of the financial institution to make certain that the direct deposit payments can be received, and alternate arrangements made if it cannot do so.

(d) Payments to master account. All payments relating to a single account master record must be made to the same designated account at a financial institution.

(e) Deposit account. The deposit account to which payments are directed should preferably be established in a form identical to the registration of the securities account, particularly where the securities are registered jointly or with right of survivorship, to assure that the rights of ownership and of survivorship can be more easily identified and preserved. Neither the United States nor any Federal Reserve Bank shall be liable for any loss sustained because the interests of the holder(s) of a deposit account to which payments are made are not the same as the interests of the owner(s) of the security.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1535-0068)
[51 FR 18265, May 16, 1986, as amended at 57 FR 38774, Aug. 27, 1992; 61 FR 6113, Feb. 16, 1996; 64 FR 40487, July 26, 1999]

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