31 CFR § 501.602 - Reports to be furnished on demand.

§ 501.602 Reports to be furnished on demand.

(a) Every person is required to furnish under oath, in the form of reports or otherwise, from time to time and at any time as may be required by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, complete information relative to any act or transaction, regardless of whether such act or transaction is effected pursuant to license or otherwise, subject to the provisions of this chapter or relative to any property in which any foreign country or any national thereof has or had any interest of any nature whatsoever, direct or indirect. The Office of Foreign Assets Control may require that such reports include the production of any books, contracts, letters, papers, or other hard copy or electronic documents relating to any such act, transaction, or property, in the custody or control of the persons required to make such reports. Reports with respect to transactions may be required either before, during, or after such transactions. Except as provided in parts 596 and 597, the Office of Foreign Assets Control may, through any person or agency, conduct investigations, hold hearings, administer oaths, examine witnesses, receive evidence, take depositions, and require by subpoena the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of any books, contracts, letters, papers, and other hard copy or electronic documents relating to any matter under investigation, regardless of whether any report has been required or filed in connection therewith.

(b) For purposes of paragraph (a) of this section, the term “document” includes any written, recorded, or graphic matter or other means of preserving thought or expression (including in electronic format), and all tangible things stored in any medium from which information can be processed, transcribed, or obtained directly or indirectly, including correspondence, memoranda, notes, messages, contemporaneous communications such as text and instant messages, letters, emails, spreadsheets, metadata, contracts, bulletins, diaries, chronological data, minutes, books, reports, examinations, charts, ledgers, books of account, invoices, air waybills, bills of lading, worksheets, receipts, printouts, papers, schedules, affidavits, presentations, transcripts, surveys, graphic representations of any kind, drawings, photographs, graphs, video or sound recordings, and motion pictures or other film.

(c) Persons providing documents to OFAC pursuant to this section must produce documents in a usable format agreed upon by OFAC. For guidance, see OFAC's data delivery standards available on OFAC's website (http://www.treasury.gov/ofac).

Note 1 to § 501.602:

See subpart F of part 597 for the relationship between this section and part 597.

[84 FR 29058, June 21, 2019]