31 CFR § 501.744 - Record before the Secretary's designee.

§ 501.744 Record before the Secretary's designee.

The Secretary's designee shall determine each matter on the basis of the record and such additional evidence as the Secretary's designee may receive in his or her discretion. In any case of interlocutory review, the Administrative Law Judge shall direct that a transcript of the relevant proceedings be prepared and forwarded to the Secretary's designee.

(a) Contents of the record. In proceedings for final decision before the Secretary's designee the record shall consist of:

(1) All items that are part of the record in accordance with § 501.739;

(2) Any petitions for review, cross-petitions or oppositions;

(3) All briefs, motions, submissions and other papers filed on appeal or review; and

(4) Any other material of which the Secretary's designee may take administrative notice.

(b) Review of documents not admitted. Any document offered in evidence but excluded by the Administrative Law Judge and any document marked for identification but not offered as an exhibit shall not be considered a part of the record before the Secretary's designee on review but shall be transmitted to the Secretary's designee if he or she so requests. In the event that the Secretary's designee does not request the document, the Administrative Law Judge shall retain the document not admitted into the record until the later of:

(1) The date upon which the Secretary's designee's order becomes final; or

(2) The conclusion of any judicial review of that order.