31 CFR § 9.4 - Criteria for determining effects of imports on national security.

§ 9.4 Criteria for determining effects of imports on national security.

(a) In determining the effect on the national security of imports of the article which is the subject of the investigation, the Secretary is required to take into consideration the following:

(1) Domestic production needed for projected national defense requirements including restoration and rehabilitation.

(2) The capacity of domestic industries to meet such projected requirements, including existing and anticipated availabilities of:

(i) Human resources.

(ii) Products.

(iii) Raw materials.

(iv) Production equipment and facilities.

(v) Other supplies and services essential to the national defense.

(3) The requirement of growth of such industries and such supplies and services including the investment, exploration and development necessary to assure capacity to meet projected defense requirements.

(4) The effect which the quantities, availabilities, character and uses of imported goods have or will have on such industries and the capacity of the United States to meet national security requirements.

(5) The economic welfare of the Nation as it is related to our national security, including the impact of foreign competition on the economic welfare of individual domestic industries. In determining whether such impact may impair the national security, any substantial unemployment, decrease in revenues of government, loss of skills or investment, or other serious effects shall be considered.

(b) The Secretary shall also consider other relevant factors in determining whether the national security is affected by imports of the article.

[39 FR 10898, Mar. 22, 1974]