32 CFR § 101.6 - Criteria for satisfactory performance.

§ 101.6 Criteria for satisfactory performance.

Within the general policy outlined in § 101.5(a), the minimum amount of annual training prescribed by the Secretaries of the Military Departments concerned will be no less than the training required to maintain the proficiency of the unit and the skill of the individual. In establishing annual training requirements under this policy, the Secretaries:

(a) May grant exceptions under circumstances outlined below for individuals who are subject to the training requirements set forth in § 101.5(a)(1) and (2):

(1) To the degree that it is consistent with military requirements, the personal circumstances of an individual may be considered in assigning him/her to a training category prescribed in 32 CFR part 102, except as otherwise provided by 32 CFR part 100.

(2) Members who have performed a minimum initial tour of extended active duty, as prescribed by the Military Departments concerned may be placed in Category I (no training) as defined in 32 CFR part 102, when the Secretary of the Military Department concerned determines that no training for mobilization requirement exists because of

(i) Changes in military skills required;

(ii) The degree of military skill held; or

(iii) Compatibility of the member's civilian occupation with his/her military skill.

(b) May grant exceptions regarding absences after considering the member's manner of performance of prescribed training duty under the provisions of § 101.5(a)(1) and provided that the absences not so excepted do not exceed 10% of scheduled drills or training periods.

(c) Shall require members to: (1) Meet the standards of satisfactory performance of training duty set forth in § 101.6(b); or (2) participate satisfactorily in an officer training program. The placement of such members in the Standby Reserve as a result of the screening process prescribed in 32 CFR part 44, will continue to constitute satisfactory performance of service.