32 CFR § 1290.7 - Responsibilities.

§ 1290.7 Responsibilities.

(a)HQ DLA -

(1)The Command Security Officer, DLA (DLA-T) will:

(i) Exercise staff supervision over the Magistrate system within DLA.

(ii) Provide guidance and assistance to DLA activities concerning administrative and procedural aspects of this part 1290.

(2)The Counsel, DLA (DLA-G) will provide guidance and assistance to DLA activities concerning legal aspects of this part 1290.

(b)The Heads of DLA Primary Level Field Activities will:

(1) Develop and put into effect the necessary regulatory and supervisory procedures to implement this part 1290.

(2) Ensure implementing directives authorize law enforcement/security force (080, 083, 085 and 1800 series) personnel to issue DD Form 1805.

(3) Periodically publish in the PLFA Daily or Weekly Bulletin, a listing of offenses for which mail-in procedures apply, with the amount of the fine for each, and a listing of offenses requiring mandatory appearance of the violator before the U.S. Magistrate. The listings will indicate that they are not necessarily all inclusive and that they are subject to change. A copy of the listings will be provided to the local Union representatives.