32 CFR § 1605.55 - Disqualification.

§ 1605.55 Disqualification.

(a) No member of a local board shall act on the case of a registrant who is the member's first cousin or closer relation, either by blood, marriage, or adoption, or who is the member's employer, employee, or fellow employee, or stands in the relationship of superior or subordinate of the member in connection with any employment, or is a partner or close business associate of the member, or a fellow member or employee of the area office.

(b) A member of the local board must disqualify himself in any matter in which he would be restricted, for any reason, in making an impartial decision.

(c) Whenever a quorum of a local board cannot act on the case of a registrant, the area office supervisor shall cause such case to be transferred to another board within the area office. In those instances where only one board exists in an area office, the case should be transmitted to the nearest area office for transfer to a board under its jurisdiction.