32 CFR 169a.12 - New requirements.

§ 169a.12 New requirements.

(a) In cases where a new requirement for a commercial product or service is anticipated, a review shall be conducted to determine if performance by DoD personnel is authorized for national defense reasons, because no commercial source is available, or because it is in the best interest of direct patient care. If performance by DoD personnel is not justified under these criteria, then the new requirement normally shall be performed by contract.

(b) If there is reason to believe that commercial prices may be unreasonable, a preliminary cost analysis shall be conducted to determine whether it is likely that the work can be performed in-house at a cost that is less than anticipated for contract performance. If in-house performance appears to be more economical, a cost comparison shall be scheduled. The appropriate conversion differentials will be added to the preliminary in-house cost before it is determined that in-house performance is likely to be more economical.

(c) Government facilities and equipment normally will not be expanded to accommodate new requirements if adequate and cost-effective contractor facilities are available. The requirement for Government ownership of facilities does not obviate the possibility of contract operation. If justification for in-house operation is dependent on relative cost, the cost comparison may be delayed to accommodate the lead time necessary for acquiring the facilities.

(d) Approval or disapproval of in-house performance of new requirements involving a capital investment of $500,000 or more will not be redelegated below the level of DAS or equivalent.

(e) Approval to budget for a major capital investment associated with a new requirement will not constitute OSD approval to perform the new requirement with DoD personnel. Government performance shall be determined in accordance with this part.