32 CFR 169a.16 - Independent review.

§ 169a.16 Independent review.

(a) The estimates of in-house and contracting costs that can be computed before the cost comparison shall be reviewed by a qualified activity, independent of the Task Group preparing the cost comparison. This review shall be completed far enough in advance of the bid or initial proposal opening date to allow the DoD Component to correct any discrepancies found before sealing the in-house cost estimate.

(b) The independent review shall substantiate the currency, reasonableness, accuracy, and completeness of the inhouse estimate. The review shall ensure that the in-house cost estimate is based on the same required services, performance standards, and workload contained in the solicitation. The reviewer shall scrutinize and attest to the adequacy and authenticity of the supporting documentation. Supporting documentation shall be sufficient to require no additional interpretation.

(c) The purpose of the independent review is to ensure costs have been estimated and supported in accordance with provisions of this Instruction. If no (or only minor) discrepancies are noted during this review, the reviewer indicates the minor discrepancies, signs, dates, and returns the CCF to the preparer. If significant discrepancies are noted during the review, the discrepancies shall be reported to the preparer for recommended correction and resubmission.

(d) The independent review is not required for simplified cost comparisons.

[ 50 FR 40805, Oct. 7, 1985, as amended at 57 FR 29210, July 1, 1992]