32 CFR 169a.4 - Policy.

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§ 169a.4 Policy.

(a)Ensure DoD mission accomplishment. The implementation of this part shall consider the overall DoD mission and the defense objective of maintaining readiness and sustainability to ensure a capability for mobilizing the defense and support structure.

(b)Retain governmental functions in-house. Certain functions that are inherently governmental in nature, and intimately related to the public interest, mandate performance by DoD personnel only. These functions are not in competition with commercial sources; therefore, these functions shall be performed by DoD personnel.

(c)Rely on the commercial sector. DoD Components shall rely on commercially available sources to provide commercial products and services, except when required for national defense, when no satisfactory commercial source is available, or when in the best interest of direct patient care. DoD Components shall not consider an in-house new requirement, an expansion of an in-house requirement, conversion to in-house, or otherwise carry on any CAs to provide commercial products or services if the products or services can be procured more economically from commercial sources.

(d)Achieve economy and enhance productivity. Encourage competition with the objective of enhancing quality, economy, and performance.

When performance by a commercial source is permissible, a comparison of the cost of contr acting and the cost of in-house performance shall be performed to determine who shall provide the best value for the Government, considering price and other factors included in the solicitation. If the installation commander has reason to believe that it may not be cost effective to make an award under mandatory source programs, section 8(a) of the Small Business Act or any other noncompetitive preferential procurement program, a cost comparison, or any other cost analysis, although not required by OMB Circular A-76, may be performed. Performance history will be considered in the source selection process, and high quality performance should be rewarded.

(e)Delegate decision authority and responsibility. DoD Components shall delegate decision authority and responsibility to lower organization levels, giving more authority to the doers, and linking responsibility with that authority. This shall facilitate the work that installation commanders must perform without limiting their freedom to do their jobs. When possible, the installation commanders should have the freedom to make intelligent use of their resources, while preserving the essential wartime capabilities of U.S. support organizations in accordance with DoD Directive 4001.15. 5

5 See footnote 1 to § 169a.1(a).

(f)Share resources saved. When possible, make available to the installation commander a share of any resources saved or earned so that the commander can improve operations or working and living conditions on the installation.

(g)Provide Placement Assistance. Provide a variety of placement assistance to employees whose Federal jobs are eliminated through CA competitions.

(h)Permit interim-in-house operation. A DoD in-house CA may be established on a temporary basis if a contractor defaults. Action shall be taken to resolicit bids or proposals in accordance with this part.

[ 57 FR 29207, July 1, 1992]