32 CFR § 1704.9 - Determination by originator or interested party.

§ 1704.9 Determination by originator or interested party.

(a) In general. The originating element(s) of the classified information (document) is always an interested party to any mandatory declassification review. Other interested parties may become involved through a referral by the D/IMD when it is determined that some or all of the information is also within their official cognizance.

(b) Required determinations: These parties shall respond in writing to the D/IMD with a finding as to the classified status of the information, including the category of protected information as set forth in section 1.4 of the Order, and if older than ten years, the basis for the extension of classification time under sections 1.5 and 3.3 of the Order. These parties shall also indicate whether withholding is otherwise authorized and warranted in accordance with sections 3.5(c) and 6.2(d) of the Order.

(c) Time. Responses to the requester shall be provided on a first-in/first-out basis, taking into account the business requirements of the originating element(s) and other interested parties, and, in accordance with Executive Order 13526, ODNI will respond to requesters within one year of the receipt of requests.

(d) Deciding official. The IMD FOIA Branch Chief, in consultation with the D/IMD and the Classification Management Branch Chief, will ordinarily be the deciding official on initial reviews of MDR requests to the ODNI.

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