32 CFR § 203.12 - Technical assistance for public participation provider qualifications.

§ 203.12 Technical assistance for public participation provider qualifications.

(a) A technical assistance provider must possess the following credentials:

(1) Demonstrated knowledge of hazardous or toxic waste issues and/or laws.

(2) Academic training in a relevant discipline (e.g., biochemistry, toxicology, environmental sciences, engineering).

(3) Ability to translate technical information into terms understandable to lay persons.

(b) A technical assistance provider should possess the following credentials:

(1) Experience working on hazardous or toxic waste problems.

(2) Experience in making technical presentations.

(3) Demonstrated writing skills.

(4) Previous experience working with affected individuals or community groups or other groups of individuals.

(c) The technical assistance provider's qualifications will vary according to the type of assistance to be provided. Community members of the RAB/TRC may suggest additional provider qualifications as part of the application for technical assistance. These additional qualifications may be used by the Department of Defense to target the most appropriate providers during the procurement process. Examples of such criteria could include prior work in the area, knowledge of local environmental conditions or laws, specific technical capabilities, or other relevant expertise.