32 CFR § 203.4 - Major components of the TAPP process.

§ 203.4 Major components of the TAPP process.

(a) The Department of Defense will issue purchase orders to technical assistance, facilitation, training, and other public participation assistance providers subject to the purchase limit per order as resources continue to be available. If multiple purchase orders are needed to assist community members of a particular RAB or TRC, the combined sum of these purchase orders cannot exceed $100,000 or, during any one year, the lesser of $25,000 or 1 percent of the installation's total projected environmental restoration cost-to-complete. Note that these limitations refer to the maximum allowable technical assistance funding per RAB/TRC. Resources available within a given year may vary. These limitations apply unless a waiver is granted by the DoD Component Secretary or equivalent for the installation in question. The $100,000 total and $25,000 annual limitations may be waived, as appropriate, to reflect the complexity of response action, the nature and extent of contamination at the installation, the level of activity at the installation, projected total needs as identified by the TAPP recipient, the size and diversity of the affected population, and the ability of the TAPP recipient to identify and raise funds from other sources.

(b)Community members of the RAB/TRC will provide a description of the services requested (TAPP Project Description) and, if desired, the names of one or more proposed technical assistance providers to the DoD RAB Co-Chair, who will ensure the application is submitted to the installation commander or other designated authority and to the appropriate DoD contracting office. Technical assistance providers proposed by the community members of a RAB or TRC at each DoD installation that meets the minimum set of organizational qualifications guidelines provided by the Department of Defense in § 203.12 of this part will be added to the governments list of bidders for the proposed procurement.