32 CFR § 204.4 - Responsibilities.

§ 204.4 Responsibilities.

(a) The USD(C) shall develop and monitor policies governing user fees.

(b) The Heads of the DoD Components, or designees, shall:

(1) Identify each service or activity that may properly be the subject of a user fee under this part.

(2) Determine the extent of the special benefit provided.

(3) Apply the principles specified in § 204.5(a) in determining full cost or market price.

(4) Review the user fees biennially, to include:

(i) Assurance that existing fees are adjusted to reflect unanticipated changes in costs or market values; and

(ii) A review of all other programs to determine whether fees should be assessed for Government services or the user of Government goods or services. DoD Components should discuss the results of the biennial review of user fees and any resultant proposals in the Chief Financial Officers Annual Report required by the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990.

(5) Initiate exception actions outlined in § 204.3(c)(2). All such actions shall be coordinated with the USD(C) prior to forwarding to the OMB.

(i) Exceptions granted under § 204.3(c)(2)(i) shall be renewed every 4 years to ensure conditions warrant their continuation.

(ii) Exceptions granted under § 204.3(c)(2)(ii) shall be resubmitted for approval to the OMB every 4 years when conditions warrant their continuation.

(6) Maintain readily accessible records of:

(i) The services or activities covered by this part.

(ii) The extent of special services provided.

(iii) The exceptions to the general policy of this part.

(iv) The information used to establish fees and the specific methods used in their determination.

(v) The collections from each user fee imposed.

(7) Maintain adequate records of the information used to establish fees and provide them upon request to OMB for the evaluation of the schedules and provide data on user fees to OMB according to the requirements in Circular No. A-11.

(8) Develop legislative proposals as outlined in § 204.7 when there are statutory prohibitions or limitations on the assessment of user fees.