32 CFR § 204.7 - Legislative proposals.

§ 204.7 Legislative proposals.

(a) Legislative proposals that allow the DoD Component to retain collections may be appropriate when a fee is levied in order to finance a service intended to be provided on a substantially self-sustaining basis and thus is dependent upon adequate collections.

(1) The authority to use fees credited to an appropriation is generally subject to limits set in annual appropriations language. However, it may be appropriate to request exemption from annual appropriations control, if a provision of the service is dependent on demand that is irregular or unpredictable (e.g., a fee to reimburse an agency for the cost of overtime pay of inspectors for services performed after regular duty hours).

(2) Legislative proposals that permit fees to be credited to accounts shall be consistent with the full-cost recovery guidelines contained in this part. Any fees in excess of full cost recovery and any increase in fees to recover the portion of retirement costs which recoups all (funded or unfunded) accrual costs not covered by employee contributions are to be credited to the general fund of the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.

(b) Where the retention of the collection is appropriate, the DoD Components(s) concerned may submit legislative proposals under applicable legislative procedures included in OMB Circular A-19. These procedures may be obtained from the Office of Legislative Counsel, General Counsel, 1600 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1600. Proposals to remove user fee restrictions or retain collections shall:

(1) Define in general terms the services for which fees will be assessed and the pricing mechanism that will be used.

(2) Specify whether fees will be collected in advance of, or simultaneously with, the provision of service unless appropriations and authority are provided in advance to allow reimbursable services.

(3) Specify where collections will be credited. Legislative proposals should not normally specify precise fees. The user fee schedule should be set by regulation to allow for the administrative updating of fees to reflect changing costs and market values.