32 CFR § 204.9 - Schedule of fees and rates.

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§ 204.9 Schedule of fees and rates.

(a)Schedule of fees and rates.

(1) This schedule applies to authorized services related to copying, certifying, and searching records rendered to the public by DoD Components, except when those services are excluded or excepted from charges under § 204.3(c) or the “Benefits for Which No Fee Shall Be Assessed” included in Volume 11A, Chapter 4, Appendix 1 of DoD 7000.14-R. All other fees will be based on full cost or market price.

Fee Schedule

Service Rate
(i) Copies
(Standard size paper up to 8 1/2 × 14) $0.13 per page.
(ii) Search and Review
(A) Managerial $13.15 per 1/4 hour; $52.60 per hour.
(B) Professional $9.05 per 1/4 hour; $36.20 per hour.
(C) Clerical $5.20 per 1/4 hour; $20.80 per hour.
(iii) Other
(A) Microfiche $0.08 per page.
(B) Computer and magnetic tapes $25.00 each.
(C) Computer diskettes $1.25 each.
(D) Other services (computer time, special mailing) Actual Cost.

(2) Fees will not be charged if the total amount to process your request is $30.00 or less.

(b) Criteria for estimating cost of computerized records:

(1) Costs for processing a data request will be calculated using the full cost method as referenced in § 204.5.

(2) Itemized listing of operations required to process the job will be maintained (i.e., time for central processing unit, input/output remote terminal, storage, plotters, printing, tape/disk mounting, etc.) with associated costs.

(3) Mailing costs for services (DHL, Express Mail, etc.) when request specifically specifies a means more expensive than first class mail.