32 CFR § 213.4 - Policy.

§ 213.4 Policy.

It is DoD policy that:

(a) DoD support for non-Federal entities shall be in accordance with relevant statutes as well as DoD 5500.7-R 4. In accordance with DoD 5500.7-R and to avoid preferential treatment, DoD support should be uniform, recognizing that non-Federal entity support of Service members and their families can be important to their welfare.

4 Copies may be obtained at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/.

(b) Under DoD Directive 5124.8 procedures shall be established as Instructions and agreements for the operation of non-Federal entities on DoD installations and for the prohibition of official sanction, endorsement, or support by the DoD Components and officials, except as authorized by DoD 5500.7-R and applicable law. Instructions and agreements must be compatible with the primary mission of the Department and provide for Congressionally authorized support to non-Federal entities on DoD installations.

(c) In accordance with DoD 5500.7-R, installation commanders or higher authority may authorize, in writing, logistical support for events, including fundraising events, sponsored by non-Federal entities covered by this part.

(d) Installation commanders or higher authority may coordinate with non-Federal entities in order to support appropriated or nonappropriated fund activities on DoD installations, so long as the support provided by the non-Federal entities does not compete with appropriated or nonappropriated fund activities.

(e) Non-Federal entities are not entitled to sovereign immunity and the privileges given to Federal entities and instrumentalities.